The Limited. Original designs that are built to order; just for you. These shape combinations are some of our favorites. Performance and uncompromising style are what inspire us.


 Angled Double V
 Angled Swallow
 Deep S
 Small Notch

from 675.00
MTN Local Model:
Tip Shape:
Tail Shape:
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Optional Technology

Looking for a stiffer board? Add Carbon Fiber to your board construction below. 

Carbon Fiber (Solid Board)
from 100.00

The Single Carbon Rail adds additional stiffness to the board. It increases responsiveness and adds more snap. Increased stiffness from the stock Classic models. Adds $100.00 to final price.

The Dual Carbon Rails add major stiffness to the board. Adding that next level responsiveness and snap. This is the stiffest board in our line. You will feel the difference. Adds $150.00 to final price.

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Carbon Fiber (Split Board)

 Adding carbon to the split,  makes the board stiffer than the standard production model and adds increased responsiveness for the ride down.

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** We build your board to order. It is hand shaped just for you. It may take up to 4 weeks to complete, depending on our production schedule.

Ultra Limited David Aron Hand Painted Top Sheet

A little backstory…David and I have been working on developing this collaboration for more than a year. These two Ultra Limited top sheets are the first edition of collaborative works by David Aron x MTN Local. Now is your opportunity to own an original painting by David Aron. Each design is original and one of a kind, hand painted by David in his NY studio. These tops are waiting to be combined with a shape of your choice. (Solid Boards only) I suggest riding them, but you can hang them up too. Haven’t you always wanted to ride a painting?

*Each top includes our screen printed MTN Local x David Aron Ultra Collaborative logo.

** Limited edition MTN Local x David Aron Tee’s available in our Apparel section now.

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Split Board Stabilizer bar

Total game changer.

This stabilizer bar fits through both touring brackets during ride mode. If you split board you know that each side of the board flexes independently. Well, not any more. This simple design changes everything and gives you back control and edging characteristics of a solid board. Enjoy!

**Only compatible with Spark R&D bindings and B ( Hitchhiker’s)

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