The Limited. Original designs that are built to order; just for you. These shape combinations are some of our favorites. Performance and uncompromising style are what inspire us.


 Angled Double V
 Angled Swallow
 Deep S
 Small Notch

Optional Technology

Looking for a stiffer board? Add Carbon Fiber to your board construction below. 

Carbon Fiber (Solid Board)
from 100.00

The Single Carbon Rail adds additional stiffness to the board. It increases responsiveness and adds more snap. Increased stiffness from the stock Classic models. Adds $100.00 to final price.

The Dual Carbon Rails add major stiffness to the board. Adding that next level responsiveness and snap. This is the stiffest board in our line. You will feel the difference. Adds $150.00 to final price.

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Carbon Fiber (Split Board)

 Adding carbon to the split,  makes the board stiffer than the standard production model and adds increased responsiveness for the ride down.

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