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MTN Local Snowboards and Off-Season Skateboards

Topsheet designs custom painted

Artist Bio: David Aron

David Aron, born in Los Angeles, 1970, moved to NYC in 1990 to study art at SVA.

Not too long after, exploring the streets, and nightlife during the first year of art school, Aron became deeply involved with the now well known Alleged Gallery and the LES art and music scene of the day. 

For 10 yrs or so Aron was in many group shows globally with budding artist friends, quite a few now recognized and highlighted in the documentary Beautiful Losers. Within that era as a young 20 something painter, Aron had 4 solo exhibitions with the gallery, including one in Tokyo. He was also given artist “pro models” for the short lived but ground breaking Subliminal Skateboards, started by artist Shepard Fairey and legendary pro skateboarder Blaize Blouin. During that time he was also given the opportunity to apply his lyrical approach to abstraction as snowboard graphics for Original Sin. 

Aron has been continuously showing and experimenting for almost three decades, and at the heart has been an artist, skateboarder, and snowboarder rolled into one. His work can be easily seen as an extension of the freedom, control, and simultaneous lack of, in which those activities naturally express ,maybe likening a similar energy or tendency that might go into laying down a turn, finding new terrain to draw lines and tricks through, or the free jazz confidence and natural high of winging something at speed... Experimentation with basic materials, through a mostly solitary practice of searching for form and mark making creates a perfect connection for a life that explores and enjoys physical and mental rapidity and motion.