MTN Local Snowboard Care


Care for a wood construction snowboard can de a little different than from your standard production board.

MTN Local construction differs from standard production snowboard. Where other companies use excessive plastics, we use wood. We like the natural properties of wood and what it offers. Our sidewalls are similar to a skateboard’s where the laminated edges are visible. Over time and or heavy use, the clear coat finish can be worn off by the abrasive surface of the snow.  Below are our suggestions to keep your MTN Local board looking great and lasting a long time.

Our suggestions to get the most out of your board:

  • Dry your board after each use.(all surfaces including the sidewall areas and edges)

  • Don’t leave it exposed to the elements.(leaving your deck outside or on the rack of your vehicle isn’t a good idea)

  • When wood gets wet it can swell and even crack. Please keep this in mind.
  • If your edges stay wet they can rust as well.
  • If you notice a deep gouge or scratch it’s always a good idea to do a little touch up. At the end of the season or before long term storage you may also consider touching up the clear coating.

*Scratches, nicks and gouges happen all the time. This is like owning a skateboard. It will give your board additional character but may affect water repellency.

Be sure your board is completely dry and at room temperature before attempting to apply any clear coat. 

Be aware that cold temperatures can affect curing times. When the ambient outside temperature is below 70 degrees (F) curing/ drying times will be longer.